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2018 Jack’s Shiraz is a “Must Have!”

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It’s no secret that 2018 was one of the best vintages the Barossa has seen in recent times.  Below are the thoughts of Sommelier Grant Dickson after a recent tasting of 2018 Jack’s Shiraz and see why we’re so excited to roll out the first of our 2018’s!

2018 Jack’s Shiraz keeps on giving!

“During the years I ran a restaurant, the most common stipulation made by customers seeking a red wine, was ‘smoothness’.  2018 Jack’s Shiraz goes really long on smoothness.  Gently arching legato phrases of primary fruit, without a skerrick of abrasion.  Tannins are beautifully talcy, giving the wine the silkiest mouthfeel.

The bouquet shimmers with red fruit.  Brightly lit shiraz aromas haven’t been dulled by long maturation or over-extraction; fresh damson and sweet cherry notes play against the faintest suggestion of dusty oak.  There’s spice too: pepper and allspice.

Profound drinkability are the bywords here.  The stem of your glass will get hot in your hand.  There ain’t no letting go, so get someone else to cut up your steak!

Wines that exhibit this kind of smoothness often get a bit fuzzy and unfocussed, but 2018 Jack’s Shiraz is splendidly tailored to build flavour across the tongue before tapering in a long tail of gentle lingering acidity.

Try this with Osso Bucco or slow-cooked beef brisket deep in a sauce teeming with flavours of caramelised onion, black olives and smoked paprika.”


Words by Sommelier – Grant Dickson



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